Tips for building an effective online presence
Tips for building an effective online presence

27 Simple Website Ideas for Beginners

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Simple Website Ideas For Beginners

The world is getting more digital. Datareportal says there were 4.72 billion internet users worldwide in April 2021, and 332 million new users came online over the past year. Social networks, news portals, online stores, blogs, and so forth — all these types of websites and apps attract people’s attention.

Every day, people create more than 547,200 new websites globally. It isn’t surprising because having a website can bring a lot of benefits for:

Moreover, creating a website is pretty easy and quick with a drag and drop website builder like Boxmode. 

create a website

How can you come up with fascinating ideas for building a website? Where to get inspiration? What should you make a website about? Any idea can claim success, recognition, and, what is essential, profit with the right and constructive approach. Below, you will find simple website ideas for beginners that can inspire you to make your own engaging website. 

Easy Website Ideas 

A website can be a great platform for different purposes: from showcasing your portfolio or resume to collecting recipes or places for your travel plans. Select the most suitable website type and create an interesting platform. 

Resume website

An effective self-presentation is the key to getting the desired job. So, a resume website is a must-have if you want to impress your future employers and stand out from the crowd. Use your creative thinking and focus on your education, hard and soft skills, experience, and other qualities that make you a strong candidate. Look at Martin Ringlein’s and Vladimir Gruev’s websites for inspiration.

You can also provide useful tips to create an eye-catching CV, lists of the most in-demand jobs, and even industry-specific resume templates. 

Portfolio website

Are you a writer, a photographer, or an interior designer? Create a portfolio website, show your works to the world, and attract more clients. You can tell your story, add your best art pieces, service descriptions, and happy clients’ testimonials. Remember to add contacts and links to your social media accounts so that people  can get in touch with you. Some examples of beautiful portfolio websites are Poedrontheworld, EST Creative, and Andrien Loret.

Events website

The events website allows you to share information about events, attract a wider audience, and improve conversion rates. You can also post relevant blog posts, promote upcoming events, and showcase merchandise. The Outlook Festival 2021, Coachella, and KIKK Festival websites will be good references for you. 

Recipes website

Is cooking your big passion? Or have you inherited a cookbook with delicious recipes from your grandmother and would like to share them? In both cases, creating a nutrition website can be one of the best website ideas. Here, you can post simple daily meals, signature dishes, various kinds of breakfast, food for kids, and much more. Decorate your recipes with eye-catching images, and your website will become popular among foodies. Excellent examples of culinary blogs are Cookie and Kate and Gimme Some Oven.

Recipes website

Checklists website

You want to be productive and organized all day. You wish to do sports and eat healthy food daily. Here, a well-structured plan comes in handy. You can build new positive habits and easily track your progress by making a website with checklists. What’s more, your friends and relatives also can use these materials. You can even create challenges and do them together. Check out Vertex42, a website with a wide range of checklist ideas. 

Website for kids

A bright, interactive website with a responsive design can immediately draw parents’ and their kids’ attention. So, suppose you’re a teacher or a parent who wants their kids to spend time with laptops or mobile phones wisely. In that case, create a website with different entertaining and educational materials, such as kid-friendly videos, pictures, quizzes, and games. The best examples of websites for kids are BrainPOP and Starfall.

Memory website

Would you like to create a website for a memorable occasion? Or do you want to present a website to your classmates to remember your school time? On an appealing site, you can share your memories and thoughts about different occasions, stories, journeys, and acquaintances that happened in your life. Take a look at the Arizona Memory Project site.

Your town/area website

Publish local news, inform citizens and city guests about upcoming events, share interviews with locals who contribute to the city’s development, and so on. Your website can be a popular platform for people who love the city and are interested in its life. Ocean City Maryland is such a website. 

Community website

A community website can help you gather like-minded people in one place. Whether it’s a musical, IT, or literary community, a well-structured website is an excellent way to share valuable information, communicate with community members, and discuss news and events. For example, Behance is a community website for designers, and Lonely Planet is for travelers. 

Personal library website

Make a website your storage for useful links, posts, videos, movie and books listings, and other things you’re interested in. It’s convenient to have it all in one place and easily access any file whenever you need it. Bookshelf of Emily J. is the best example of a personal library website. 

Personal library website

Best Website Ideas to Make Money

A website can be a great tool to make money. There are some effective ideas for websites to monetize them below.

Affiliate website

Such a website can be used for promoting affiliate digital and physical products. It means you introduce other people’s products using affiliate links and get a commission. One of the ways to use an affiliate website effectively is to post product reviews or buying guides and convince visitors to purchase products via your affiliate links. For example, you can create a travel bag review site. You would compare and recommend different types of travel bags. SuperbWebsiteBuilders is one of the affiliate websites examples. 

Ecommerce website

This type of website allows you to sell tangible goods, digital products, or services over the internet. An ecommerce website makes purchasing goods and services easier because people can pick and pay for them in a few clicks. You can create an apparel store (Aether Apparel), a delivery service website (Instacart), or even a big marketplace (Huset).

Small business website

According to the statistics, 41% of businesses without websites consider they don’t need a website because their customers aren’t online. Unfortunately, it isn’t true. More than 80% of people research a company on the web before making a purchase decision, usually by visiting its website. 

So, a website is one of the means of building a brand presence online. With its help, you can:

  • Find new customers and engage loyal ones; 
  • Gain a competitive advantage; 
  • Manage brand reputation. 
Unbox your online presence. [Build site]

Feel inspired by simple salon website ideas and introduce your beauty salon business, pick a fabulous template and present your homemade cheese manufacture (Roth Cheese), pet shop (The New York Dog Shop), or cafe (Perennial) with a modern website. 

Elearning website

“Online learning is rapidly becoming one of the most cost-effective ways to educate the world’s rapidly expanding workforce,” Jack Messman, the former CEO at Novell and Cambridge Technology Partners Inc., says. The statistics confirm his words — elearning increases learning retention rates by between 25% and 60% (in comparison, face-to-face training retention rates are 8% to 10%.)

This means demand for elearning websites (Khan Academy, Coursera) is increasing. You can create a user-friendly elearning website with various educational courses and programs for students and those who want to improve their hard and soft skills. Moreover, such a website delivers an immersive learning experience that motivates people to buy new courses. 

Donation website

If you run fundraising or crowdfunding campaigns, you need to create a donation website (World Wildlife Fund) as one of the ways to raise money. It’s essential to set up a user-friendly and secure website and enrich it with the necessary information, including your unique story. 

Informational website

By making an informational website, you can publish articles about various news and discoveries. For example, Luxurylaunches publishes news about celebrities, fashion, travel, hotels, cars, and others. What’s more, you can monetize your website by adding ad banners to the web pages. 

Good Website Ideas to Present Yourself Online

Despite the fact that many people use social media platforms for self-promotion, a website can give you many opportunities to present yourself online. Do you have insights you want to share with the world? Choose one of the website ideas below and go ahead!

Personal blog website

A personal blog is like your online diary that you share with like-minded people. Here you can publish posts on topics you are interested in. You can also create your personal blog on Tumblr or Pinterest like an image gallery.

Personal blog website

Real stories website

People like reading about other people’s lives. So, real stories websites are popular. You can be a moderator on such a website and publish interviews, stories, and blog posts from people of diverse backgrounds. My Good Time Stories blog can be an illustrative instance. 

Lifehack website

How to make your beverage ice cold in 15 minutes? How to fold a fitted bed sheet? People around the globe ask these and other questions. So create a lifehack website and give visitors practical tips to make their lives much more convenient. Feel inspired by visiting the Life Hacks and Lifehacker websites. 

Parenting blog

Being a parent can sometimes be challenging. Parents face situations that require them to be responsible and wise. If you have kids, you know what we’re talking about. Creating a parenting blog (Dizmommy, U Ready, Teddy?)  is a great way to share your tips and experience to help others bring up their kids. 

Travel website

This website type fits seasoned travelers who have wanderlust, know the best itineraries, and have valuable travel tips. Create a website and share your travel stories, must-visit locations, and maps with avid travelers. Cookiesound is a great example of a travel blog. 

Entrepreneurship blog

If you know what can make a company thrive, you can create a blog about it. Share your success story to inspire those who want to start their own business. Also, your blog can be a place where you talk about branding, entrepreneurship, marketing, product, and investment (Both Sides of the Table).

Hobby blog

A hobby blog is one of the website ideas to showcase your skills and projects. Whether you’re good at knitting, painting, or video gaming, your blog is a platform where you can tell about your hobbies ( and even sell ready goods. 

Pet website

This kind of website is relevant to pet lovers and owners. It can be an excellent guide on looking after pets that include information about food, games, vaccinating, and so on. Upload fun pictures and videos to make a user’s experience on your website enjoyable. For example, bird lovers can create a site like BirdTricks, and cat lovers make a blog dedicated to their pets like KittyClysm*.

Pet website

Money-saving and investment website

It’s a website where private investors share their ideas on investment opportunities and managing financial assets. You can create it in the form of a blog or forum where people will share and find useful information about finances. Examples of such websites are Making Sense of Cents and Skint Dad blogs.

Quotes website

Those who like reading and saving inspiring quotes can design a site with statements about life, love, happiness, business, and so on. Moreover, you can post a quote of the day, divide quotes by authors and topics, and add the today’s birthdays block to your website. Visit the BrainyQuote site for content ideas. 

Humor website

Laughter is the best medicine, they say. So when you want to relax after or during a hardworking day, visiting websites that make you laugh is a good idea. Do you have a sharp sense of humor? Create a funny website with images, memes, gifs, videos, and stories. But before, visit Cat Bounce and Is the ship still stuck? weird websites that rock the web for a portion of inspiration. 

Creating a Website Is Simple

Whatever website idea you choose, there are three main steps to create a website without engaging a development team:

  • Pick a unique, catchy domain name and register it; 
  • Prepare your content;
  • Build a website using a website builder. 

The Boxmode website builder offers you a wide array of tools to get a functional website in no time. You can customize pages and content on them in a drag-and-drop editor, use various widgets, and tune SEO settings. It’s essential to mention that you don’t need to have any technical skills to create a simple website with Boxmode. 

It’s Time to Launch Your Website!

Whether you decide to create a personal blog, a business website, or a platform with funny content, you have to be burning with an idea and publish content that is interesting for you in the first place. Pick a website idea that suits you perfectly and move on. Good luck!

27 Simple Website Ideas for Beginners