Tips for building an effective online presence
Tips for building an effective online presence
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How to Create a High Converting Landing Page

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High Converting Landing Page

Your website is full of information about your product or service, but it doesn’t always help convince visitors that it’s worth their money to convert them into buyers. What do you need to do? The solution to this difficulty could be creating a landing page that will generate leads.

Read on to learn about a landing page and its importance in attracting potential customers. You’ll also learn how to build a landing page with the Boxmode website builder in no time. The cherry on the cake will be a list of valuable tips for creating an excellent landing page. 

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What Is a Landing Page and Why Do You Need It?

A landing page can be a standalone one-page website or one of the website’s pages. It’s created specifically for advertising and marketing needs, including hypothesis testing. Visitors land on it by clicking a hyperlink on other websites, emails, search engine ads, or social media platforms. 

Having landing pages on your website, you can improve its SEO by providing engaging content and using relevant keywords. This will help increase your website’s ranking in search engines and drive traffic.

In comparison with a promotional website, the landing page’s peculiarity is a call to action (CTA) element that calls users to take a specific action and expresses a single conversion goal. In other words, it expresses what you want users to do when they’ve become familiar with your product, service, or a special deal on the landing page. For example, you can encourage visitors to submit to newsletters, download your white paper, or make a purchase. 

It’s important to differentiate a landing page from any other website’s pages, particularly a homepage. Understanding each web page’s function is what helps. The homepage introduces visitors to your brand and helps them navigate your website. It has many links to other pages but doesn’t have the CTA. Unlike the homepage, the landing page has a few links and states a specific goal, which the CTA represents.

Specialists recommend having multiple landing pages targeted toward different segments of your audience. The statistics show: Companies that increase the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 see a 55% boost in leads.

Companies that increase the number of landing

Now let’s look at the most common types of landing pages and their uses. 

Lead Generation Landing Page 

The goal of creating this landing page is to gather leads by capturing visitors’ personal information. It should include a request and a reward that visitors will get after filling a form. You can use the lead generation landing page to create an email subscriber list, run inbound marketing campaigns, or increase sales. 

Click-Through Landing Page

A click-through landing page is an intermediary between your advertising and a specific page you want prospects to visit. It includes information about a discount or special offer convincing a potential customer to purchase right away and a clear CTA with the link to the final point.

Sales Landing Page

This page has one clear purpose: to motivate visitors to buy your product. Creating the sales landing page requires understanding your customers’ needs and the stage of their sales journey. It’s essential to use effective communication tactics, design attractive and intuitive pages, and accurately and kindly inform users about your product’s main benefits. 

Infomercial Landing Page

Such a landing page aims to evoke customers’ interest in your product through an emotional, engaging story. It contains content describing the product’s features in detail and keeping readers scrolling. As a result, interested visitors are likely to make a purchase. Take a look at this landing page that the Boxmode team created to present our website builder’s functionality specifically to yoga wellness instructors.

How to Build a Landing Page with Boxmode?

Compared to other website builders, Boxmode offers a functional toolset for building a simple landing page absolutely for free. With Boxmode, you can design an engaging landing page yourself, regardless of your technical skills. Moreover, it has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, so you can easily and quickly customize your landing page and set its SEO settings. If you have any Boxmode-related questions, you can always turn to our professional support team, and they’ll gladly help you.

The process of creating a landing page is quick and straightforward with Boxmode. Go to the “Projects” section in the dashboard and create a new project. Then select one of the ready-made templates representing twenty-two business niches and customize it according to your needs. Moreover, you can use the “Blank Theme” template and fill it with the necessary elements and widgets.

If you want to add a landing page to the existing project, you need to open this project and click on the list of all pages in the top bar. Then, click the “Add Page” option and supplement the website with a landing page. After that, you can adjust its layout and content directly within the editor.

Besides, it’s possible to tune the SEO adjustments of your landing page in the “Settings” tab. Specify the page’s meta title and description and add relevant keywords that describe the page content. 

Tips for Creating a Super-Effective Landing Page

Creating a powerful landing page isn’t rocket science if you know how to do it right. Follow the helpful tips below, and your efforts will pay off. 

Define your audience and buyer persona(s) 

The first thing is to define your target audience and an individual buyer persona(s). The more you know about your potential clients, the more chances you generate many leads. You must collect information about their age, interests, habits, budget, and other traits. Having this data, you can design your landing page according to the buyer persona’s needs and expectations. Moreover, you’ll know what tone of voice to use when you appeal to your potential customers. 

appeal to your potential customers

Craft catchy headlines and calls to action

David Ogilvy, the founder of the famous Ogilvy and Mather ad agency, said: “Five times as many people read the headline as the body copy. When you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent 80 cents of your dollar.” That means you have to create such headlines that attract visitors’ attention and convince them to read further. There are basic tips for writing a curiosity headline:

  • Keep it simple and easy to understand.
  • Fewer words are better. The golden mean is a seven-word headline.
  • Use numbers and question words.
  • Make it look balanced.
  • Create an informative and promising headline.

Since a compelling call to action is an essential element of the landing page, pay attention to the phrasing. When you think about what word or phrase to insert in the CTA button, you can view the best call-to-action examples and apply the “I want to…” strategy. Find the call that sounds the best after this phrase and use it for the CTA button. 

Include visuals

One study, published in Forbes, states that 91% of consumers prefer interactive and visual content over traditional, text-based. So, your task is to adorn the content of the landing page with attractive, relevant visuals, such as images, infographics, diagrams, etc. 

Include visuals

It’s important to say that using videos on your landing page can improve conversions by 86%. By adding video content, you can inform users about your product or service in an extraordinary way and fuel their interest in it.

Optimize your landing page for SEO

You want your landing page to appear in the search engine results. Why? When people look for something specific on Google, they want to find an answer to their request, and if your landing page answers their request, you’ll get organic, unpaid traffic.
Here, SEO on your landing page comes in handy. The primary reasons to optimize the landing page according to the requirements of search engines are:

  • Search engines will quickly determine the purpose of your landing page and show it higher in the search results. 
  • Potential customers will find your landing page when they need it the most, and so there will be more conversions.  
  • Your page quality ranking will increase, and you’ll be able to create cheaper and more effective AdWords campaigns.

The essential element of SEO is strategically placing keywords on the landing page. You should collect relevant keywords and sprinkle them throughout the page, including the title, meta tags, header tags, image file names, and your copy. Besides, you need to speed up your landing page and make it mobile-friendly. 

Create a Landing Page in No Time

A landing page is an effective way to expand your customer base, promote your products, and build a brand. Considering the information mentioned above and using the Boxmode website builder, you can create powerful landing pages seamlessly. 

How to Create a High Converting Landing Page