Tips for building an effective online presence
Tips for building an effective online presence

Twitter Bio Ideas & Tips to Boost Your Followers Count

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Twitter Bio Ideas & Tips

How can a Twitter account help you stay in touch with your audience? With some creativity from your side and setting the right mood, you can engage with your audience on all levels while promoting your brand. But to keep your audience captivated, you need to be convincing while maintaining your online reputation.

Writing a good, no wait, outstanding Twitter bio is what gets your audience’s attention every time. Writing a captivating Twitter bio can become a tad challenging. At Boxmode, we understand the value of social media marketing and our SMM guide explores many platforms, including Twitter. 

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Read on to find out how to write a Twitter bio so you can boost your followers count while promoting your personal or business brand. We’ll be sharing some great Twitter bio tips for writing your own words while maintaining a reputable online presence. And, we’re including a template for you to use the next time you write your own catchy Twitter bio. 

7 Twitter Bio Tips 

A Twitter bio is your introduction to who you are, what you do, and why your audience should follow your account. Your Twitter bio defines your brand, whether it’s personal or for your business. It can create a good impression. Or, it can be dull and boring! 

This summary comes under your profile picture and is made public. You have 160 characters available to you to write what should be a professional but impressive Twitter bio. You can use a combination of the following:

  • Text
  • Emojis
  • Hashtags
  • Your Twitter handle or username 

Remember, your Twitter bio tells your audience who you are and is the hook for them deciding whether to follow you or not. So, what you use and how you use it in your Twitter bio is the key to a successful introduction on this social media platform. 

Twitter bio tells your audience who you are

Whether you are a small business owner or in the marketing industry, creating a unique Twitter bio is what will get your audience to notice your account. If your business is being a digital or graphic specialist, you can still get a head start by using these seven Twitter bio tips. 

Tip #1: Mix Personality With Profession

While it’s essential to come across as professional in your business brand, adding a touch of personality draws people in. Your audience wants to know the “real” person behind the name. Here, you can use a touch of humor or detail your interests to connect more with your audience. 

Detailing your key skills and talents is vital for your audience to identify you as an expert in your field. But your personality counts too and could be the tweak that grabs your audience’s attention. Make sure to include your personality when writing your unique Twitter bio. 

Tip #2: Include Keywords 

Search engines such as Google search Twitter bios in addition to websites. Therefore, make sure you include targeted keywords in your bio for maximum SEO benefits. Identify your target audience and match the keywords accordingly.

Include Keywords

Use keywords to tell your audience exactly what you do instead of placing hashtags, which can be confusing. Instead of placing #social media to describe an aspect of your digital consultancy business, use keywords such as social media, SEO, and eCommerce in the description. 

Tip #3: Brag But Don’t Overdo It

Some of the best Twitter bios are a reflection of you and your brand. So, including accomplishments will catch your audience’s attention. However, don’t overdo it; stick to a quick overview of what you can do and  achieve. 

Be smart with the words you use to indicate your accomplishments. 

  • Problem solver: You’ve helped many companies find solutions
  • Entrepreneur: You’re an expert at running or setting up your own business 
  • Contributor: You’ve written many award-winning blogs or popular media articles 
  • Dad: Who says being a parent isn’t a huge accomplishment? Shout it out!

Tip #4: Connect With Links, @s, and Hashtags

What’s with all the @s and #s in Twitter bios? Well, they keep you connected on Twitter and broaden your audience reach. Whenever you mention #blogging, you can be sure you’ll be connected to other mentions of #blogging on Twitter.

Use @s if you’re using other Twitter accounts. This allows you to link to them easily. Outbound links work well too if you have the character space to do it. Think twice before deciding whether and how to put links in a Twitter bio.

Tip #5: Throw in Some Emojis

Crafting a good twitter bio is challenging when you’ve only got 160 characters to play with. Since you have such a brief description, how to space out a Twitter bio is key to making an impact. This is why some great bios include an emoji or two. These images can say a lot in one picture, which saves you from using up valuable characters in the text.

Throw in Some Emojis

But be careful with going overboard with emojis. Some brands simply don’t need emojis to emphasize what you or your brand offers. 

Tip #6: Include Your Organization’s Name

When your audience searches for your company on Twitter, they’ll go with the name of your organization. So, it goes without saying you need to include the organization or your employer’s Twitter handle in your bio. 

Tip #7:  Include a CTA

If you want your audience to take action and go to your website or sign up to your email database, then include call-to-action features in your Twitter bio. A CTA is one of the surest ways of increasing your followers count, especially on other platforms you’re using for your brand.

Twitter Bio Template

When crafting a bio for Twitter, be sure to use some of the abovementioned tips to guide you so you stick to the prerequisite 160 characters. The following Twitter bio template can be used as a checklist to ensure you include all the key elements:

  1. Keep it brief, captivating, and original: Include a few descriptive words about yourself.
  2. Job title: Use this in place of describing what you do.
  3. Add personality: Add a touch of humor about yourself or list a favorite hobby, interest, or person.
  4. Accomplishments: Assure your followers you know what you’re talking about. 
  5. Affiliated handles: Be sure to include links or hashtags to your organization or other places you’re affiliated with.
  6. CTA: Add links to your website, sign-up features, and other actions you want your audience to take.
  7. Emojis: If appropriate to your brand, add one or two captivating emojis that say it all in one or two images. 

7 Good Twitter Bio Examples for Personal Accounts

If you’re designing for your personal accounts, here are some good Twitter bio examples you’ll enjoy!

1. @Trevornoah

Note how Trevor Noah uses text to describe who he is with a touch of sarcastic humor. His link takes you to his website so you can find out more about him and what he does.


2. @MeghanMarkleOrg

If you’re a fan of Meghan Markle, then this Twitter bio tells you immediately you’re at the right place. Using the name of her organization helps to drive traffic to her Twitter account, as well.


3. @Johnkehoe23

A good example of a personal Twitter bio, there’s no doubt in your mind what John Kehoe does. He inspires with his use of descriptive words while strategically highlighting his accomplishments. 


4. @JillianMichaels

Not only do you know you’re dealing with a fitness guru, but Jillian Michaels is a life coach too. She prompts her audience to take action by downloading her app. And, she’s included a link to her website. 


5. @paulocoelho

Sometimes short and sweet really does work and in the case of Paulo Coelho with 15.4 million followers, he’s hit it perfectly with his Twitter bio. This is an excellent Twitter profile bio example to use when you want to link your followers to your blog page. 


6. @ReneRedzepiNoma

Take note of the use of certain accomplishments in this renowned chef’s Twitter bio. He’s also brought in some personality and linked to his restaurant. 


7. @TonyRobbins

Tony Robbins has made effective use of emojis to get his message across through his Twitter bio. He’s also used short and catchy words to describe who he is and what he does. And, thrown in some words to describe his accomplishments such as entrepreneur, top bestselling author, and top business leader.


5 Twitter Bio Examples for Small Business

Here are five Twitter bio examples for business owners to explore. We’ve also included some clever but funny Twitter bios so you can see how to incorporate humor without damaging your online reputation.

1. @DeadEyespodcast

@DeadEyespodcast has used its Twitter bio to grow its audience. Take note of the usage of @s as well as links and a slight twist on words to grab the attention of this podcast’s niche market.


2. @pcmatic

Another example of keeping it short and sweet without compromising on what you need to know about this cybersecurity company. 


3. @madpawsau

If your small business offers pet sitting services, then this is a good example of how to write a catchy Twitter bio for your profile. 


4. @lesdoggg

Not much to say here but simplicity with a touch of humor works for this comedian. And the use of some emojis.


5. @crisselnewyork

This local business promotes its professional hair services using text that clearly describes what it does. It includes a link to its website for more information. 


Final Thoughts

Creating an outstanding Twitter bio requires being smart with the words you use to promote your products or services. You can also include emojis, accomplishments, links, and hashtags to optimize the pitch while still maintaining your online reputation.

With our Twitter bio ideas and tips, you can boost your followers count while improving your social media ROI. What’s more, our template gives you a checklist to tick all the boxes while crafting the perfect Twitter bio. And if you need some inspiration, take some ideas from the examples of Twitter bios we’ve included for both personal and small business accounts. 

Twitter Bio Ideas & Tips to Boost Your Followers Count