Tips for building an effective online presence
Tips for building an effective online presence
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What’s new? Boxmode November 2021 Updates

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November brought us its winds, colds, and for some of us, Vitamin D deficiency. But here’s the good news! It also brought a few updates and releases the Boxmode team diligently crafted. Our new product updates bring new useful features that will enhance your experience.  

Let’s get to it right away!

#1. Multipage

Multipage is here, expanding your possibilities with website building. With this new feature, you can add subpages to your project. How? Quite easy!Go to your dashboard, press Home in the upper left corner. You’ll see the list of the main pages of your project. Next to each page is the ellipsis button. Press it; then press Add subpage.

Now you have a group of pages, with one main page and one subpage. You can add new pages and subpages to this group by pressing the ellipsis button. Also, you can drag subpages to other pages.

Subpages have all the same functionality as the regular pages. You can also transform them into standard pages if you want.

#2. Global header and footer

More good news is coming! Now you can add one header and/or footer to all your project’s pages. 

Adding a header or footer to your project has never been easier. Go to your dashboard and press + in the left panel. Next, press Widgets, then press Header/Footer.

Choose the widget, then drag and drop it where you need it.

Before you add the header/footer, the pop-up will appear asking you to confirm adding the widget of choice, either to one page or all pages.

To delete the header/footer, choose it on the page, and press the trash bin icon.

A pop-up will appear again, asking you to confirm the action.

#3. New templates

Our template collection is constantly growing. Therefore, we would like to show you seven brand-new themes from four categories: Stores, Portfolios, Agencies, and Business & Services. 


We deliver three templates you can use to present your products and attract new customers. 

Furniturio is a minimalistic template with straightforward navigation and large visual blocks, perfect for furniture shops. 

Divage is a stylish, elegant, and modern theme for beauty stores that helps transmit their values and messages to the audience. 

Bosforus is a versatile and flexible theme for large stores with a wide range of products. With this template, you can build your website and start selling products within a matter of hours.


Paragon works well for showing your creative projects.


Want to attract more clients by presenting your projects online? Achieve this goal with our new templates carefully tailored for agencies. 

Mon amour is a theme in pastel and delicate colors, perfect for creating a wedding website. It can help both wedding agencies and independent agents who make an unforgettable experience for loving couples. 

Webcreativeology is a template for creative organizations that need to demonstrate their cases to potential partners and clients. 

Business & Services

Harvestporium is a theme made with agricultural businesses in mind. Its design reflects nature’s balance and stability, meant to transmit the businesses’ core values.

That’s it for now! Check out these new features and let us know what you think about them. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and official Facebook community to be the first to know about upcoming updates and releases.

What’s new? Boxmode November 2021 Updates