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Tips for building an effective online presence
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What Is a Domain Name?

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What is a domain name

Every service communicated via the Internet, including websites and server computers hosting these sites, has an IP address, which consists of a series of numbers. However, because remembering a long series of numbers is challenging, domain names are used instead.

A domain name is your website’s unique name, an address where Internet users can locate your website. 

To start a website, you need a domain name. You could purchase one, but if you are on a short budget, Boxmode provides you with a free * domain name! 

Suppose you prefer a more authoritative domain name. In that case, you could purchase a custom domain name directly from Boxmode or buy a custom domain from a third-party registrar and then connect it to your Boxmode website for free using a domain mapping feature.

How Do Domain Names Work?

The best way to think of the internet is by visualizing it as one giant network of computers and servers that are all connected and can communicate with one another. IP addresses are helpful when it comes to identifying particular Internet resources, but they are impractical to use when trying to visit a specific site. Consider all your favorite brands. If you had to remember a different set of numbers to visit each one, rather than simply typing in their domain name, you could get frustrated and confused quite quickly. 

What happens when you type a domain name into a browser?

Domain name structure

The first step after entering a domain name into a web browser is that it will send a request out to a global network of servers, which are collectively known as the Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS matches your domain name with its IP address and will then lead your browser to the hosting server, which stores your website’s data. This data downloaded from the server will be displayed in your browser’s window.

Domain Names – Web Building and Hosting

After you purchased and registered a domain name, you can start building your site and find a web host. There are many web hosting companies to choose from. This service allows the web pages you create to be stored on their servers. Some companies offer customers both domain name registration and hosting services. However, you don’t necessarily have to choose to do it this way. You can register your domain name with one company and use a different one to host your site if you wish. 

Still, the easiest way to create a website is by using a website builder, such as Boxmode. No need to worry about hosting – Boxmode provides it for you.

Boxmode offers custom domain names and a hassle-free process to connect your third-party registrar name to your Boxmode site via an easy to use domain mapping feature.

What Types of Domain Names Are There?

There are several different extensions for domain names, such as .com, .net, .org, .tv, .info, and many more. The most popular is .com, and if you can get your preferred domain name with a .com extension, this is advisable. It’s familiar and easy to remember, and approximately 52% of all sites end with a .com extension. Therefore, it can inadvertently have a positive effect on your SEO too. 

Selecting A Domain Name For Your Website

Choosing a domain name can be a challenging process. New users are under lots of pressure to develop a creative, memorable domain name that perfectly reflects what their business offers. 

Some helpful tips when considering your domain name include:

  • Keeping it short and sweet
  • Making it easy to say and spell
  • Keeping numbers and punctuation out of it
  • Choosing something related to your business

Domain name generators such as Lean Domain Search, Namestall, and Impossibility are helpful tools that can help you come up with a unique and appropriate domain name for your business. 

How Do You Purchase A Domain Name?

Domain name registrars sell domain names to their customers. The most popular services include GoDaddy,, and NameCheap.

Most domain names are around $14.99 a year. However, you can hunt for the best deals and see what additional services and discounts you can get. 

Domain Names – FAQs

Domain Names - FAQs

Starting your first website can be daunting. Regardless of what you’re using it for, it’s good to understand as much as possible about domain names and how they function, so there is one less thing to worry about. 

Here are some of the most common questions people ask about domain names.

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a domain that sits under your name domain. You use subdomains if you want to create a ‘child site,’ for example, something separate but linked to your primary business, such as a blog or online store. After you’ve registered your primary domain name, you can create subdomains by yourself. If your domain name was, the subdomain for your blog could be

What if I decide to cancel my domain name registration?

If you no longer have use for your domain name, you can choose to cancel it. How soon you can do this depends on your domain registrar. Some permit cancellations at any time, in which case your domain name will immediately become available to other users. Other registrars require you to wait until your domain name is up for renewal, and only then can you choose to cancel. Many domain registrars set up auto-renewal. So if you want to cancel, it’s worth making sure this isn’t the case or that you are aware of the date you must cancel by. 

How do I change the domain name of my site?

If you already have a website set up but want to direct it to a different domain name, you can do this by pointing the domain name to the hosting server. You can also have the original name and your new domain name pointing to the same website. However, doing this can cause problems as Google considers this duplicate content, which will adversely affect your SEO and result in you being ranked lower in search engine results pages. Properly migrating a website is a more complicated process, but doing so will ensure your SEO remains unaffected. 

Can I sell my domain name?

Domain name trading is big business, and some people make a successful living from doing so. It is possible to sell a domain name that you have bought. You can sell your domain via registrars, where you can list it for sale. 

Anyone who wants to set up a website and have an online presence needs a domain name, and choosing the right one is both exciting and challenging. Using the tips above, you can make the process of purchasing the perfect domain name a breeze!

What Is a Domain Name?