Tips for building an effective online presence
Tips for building an effective online presence
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Website builder Boxmode to merge with community-building platform NING

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NING, a leader in the customized social media niche, is set to absorb Boxmode in January 2022.

In October 2021, Boxmode and NING announced a partnership wherein the website builder will leverage NING’s headless CMS solution to develop membership and blog functionality. Since then, close collaboration between the two teams has revealed an opportunity to join forces and mutually aid in each others’ development.

This merger will benefit both products. For Boxmode, it’s a chance to leverage NING’s advanced tech and experience in the community building space. For NING, it’s an opportunity to update the look and feel of its product to stay in line with the modern consumer’s demands.

Boxmode founder Max Yarchevsky says, “After working with the NING team for many years and personally guiding the development of Boxmode since its inception, I’m sure this is the right move. Boxmode is a superior solution in terms of UX, and we will be able to bring the product to a new level by collaborating with the NING team directly, and not just as part of a limited partnership.”

“With NING’s technology on its back end, Boxmode has achieved a market-ready solution that can compete effectively with the giants, and we’re happy to keep helping them to that end. On NING’s side, we’re also very excited to welcome a change in direction for our product’s design, with a complete overhaul currently being strategized,” NING product manager Valeria Tkachenko adds.

About NING

NING is the SaaS platform for creating websites with great social integrations. It helps users create fan websites, places for discussion for nonprofit organizations, and websites with member-only access to exclusive content. Websites created with the NING platform are customizable and scalable, and they feature fast hosting, in-depth analytics, and advanced monetization options. The company’s new B2B revenue stream includes providing partners with back end infrastructure to develop forums, blogs, and member areas.

About Boxmode

Boxmode is a website builder designed to satisfy the needs of developing businesses and startups. It offers a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box solutions required to set up and optimize a brand’s online presence most efficiently and cost-effectively. The platform’s flexibility and scalability allow enterprises to create niche websites tailored to their specific needs without coding knowledge. At the same time, experienced users get advanced customization options and professional SEO tools.

Website builder Boxmode to merge with community-building platform NING