Tips for building an effective online presence
Tips for building an effective online presence
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Boxmode December 2021 Updates

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December was rich in snow, burning deadlines, and many updates from Boxmode! This month, we outdid ourselves, releasing a bunch of new features, from nine new templates to Grids functionality. And we gathered all the news in our regular Updates article so you wouldn’t miss a thing!

The list is long, so let’s not waste any time and get to it!


And we start with the Grids functionality. So, what are Grids? It’s a tool used to make the websites responsive. In other words, it’ll look good no matter what device you’ll be using. So how does it work when creating your project with Boxmode?You can add a responsive container through the left panel in the dashboard. Press + , then hit Markup. Now you can choose out of several layout options from the menu.

After you drag and drop the container, you can work with its elements, change and move them inside it, and customize the colors and shapes.

Each element in the container is the block, by default. Elements stick with the markup no matter the version, which helps when switching between versions. 

We already have several templates on Grids, such as Clickart, Wearsy, Koala, Eventoristics, and Gardevoir extérieur

To learn more about Grids functionality and how to use it, read our article on using Grids. 

Widget Countdown Timer

With the Countdown Timer, you’ll be able to highlight special offers and discounts on your website, using a timer to show how much or little time is left till the end. Countdown Timer is a perfect tool for different conferences, seminars, and similar events. It also allows you to create a sense of urgency regarding your products or services and increase sales. People tend to decide to buy something quicker when they see the limited time. 

Don’t wait anymore, and try to set the Countdown Timer yourself. We will guide you through the whole process in the Countdown Timer widget article. 


With this feature, you can highlight specific parts of your website and draw people’s attention to the important information. For example, let’s imagine that you want your customers to immediately access the Catalog section of your website or Pricing page. Here is how you can do this easily. 

To add the Anchor functionality, click on the chosen element, then click on the link settings. 

Next, click on Action type and choose whether the users will be redirected to the new page or a specific page element.

You can also delete the anchor after adding it. 

Blog drafts

Blog drafts provide you with more convenient ways to manage your blog, add new posts, and delete outdated posts. To go to the Blog management, click the Сontext menu, then click Manage blog.

A new window will appear after you open either a published post or press Create post. You can see the post status at the top panel. For example, if you’ve opened the published post, it’ll be Published; if the planned one, it’ll be Scheduled; if you’ve just started writing, it’ll be Draft

By pressing a three dots menu, the context menu will appear. Pressing Save as Draft will save your post in the Drafted section in the dashboard. After pressing Schedule, a calendar will appear, allowing you to schedule post-release. Post settings button includes General and SEO settings. General allows you to add Excerpt, Page URL, and Cover. SEO settings will enable you to add a meta title and meta description.

Google Search Console verification

This new feature allows you to verify your domain via Google Search Console. Verifying your identity as a domain owner is essential in establishing an online presence. After you’ve verified your domain, you get the Google indexation. In turn, the Google index affects ranking in the search results. 

Does it sound too complicated? No worries! As it turns out, it’s easier when done than said in this case. Besides, we’ve created step-by-step instructions on verifying your domain via Google Search Console for you. So check it out right now!

Social authorization

We know you’ve waited for this a long time, and now we have made it happen! Now you can register and authorize your Boxmode account via email and Google account.  

New templates

This month we added brand-new templates to our collection in six different sections. 

Landing page

Applicool is a template for those who need to present their applications. Its structure allows you to include all the necessary information about your app and introduce it to the wide audience. 

Groom & Bride is a template for couples that have a wedding soon. With this template, you can put all the information about yourself and the wedding you want to present and ensure that the guests know all the details.  

Business & Services

Logisticsopolis is a template for transportation and logistics industry companies. Its structure is straightforward, and its design is slick yet clear. It’s the perfect combination for companies that want to demonstrate their services to potential clients. 

Floresty is the right choice for flower stores and flower delivery companies. Its bright design highlights the rich color palette of your products. 

Gardevoir exterieur is a template designed with plant lovers in mind. Its earthly and natural colors will serve a perfect setting for showcasing your landscape business, interior and exterior design firms. 


Marketingistic is a template that will be a perfect tool for marketing teams. Its structure and design allow you to showcase your works and describe your services to the audience. If you are part of a marketing or public relation company that needs to display its services online, Marketingistics might be just what you are looking for. 

Eventoristic is a futuristic, tech-inspired theme for event agencies. With this creative template, the sky is the limit!


Foodanic is a template worth checking out if you are a nutritionist, food expert, or dietitian. It consists of bright colors and room for pictures that will help convince your audience about the perks of a healthy lifestyle.


Tattoo Creator is a template in black and white colors. If you’re a tattoo artist or just a creative person who needs to showcase your works, using this template will allow you to create an exemplary portfolio in no time. 

Video Games

Kickers is a template you want to check out if you want to introduce your esports organization or team to fans, gamers, and potential partners. Its dark colors with bright splashes of green and purple are the right background for presenting esports or video game companies.

Christmas template

Last but not least, meet the well-timed Christmas template with animation and timer. This template will be a good fairy for those who need to organize fundraisers, parties, or any other events regarding the holiday occasion. 

You don’t need to rack your brain about the design or website structure because we’ve already done it for you! All there is left to do — fill the template with the details about your event. And voila! You can go live!

As you can see, December turned out to be quite productive for us. We hope our list helps you get familiar with the builder’s new features and use them to your advantage. 

Boxmode December 2021 Updates